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Lolsmarter: League of Legends statistics


Designed and built the front-end of Lolsmarter, a site providing up-to-date statistics for the video game League of Legends. Current features are live game scouting tool and analysis blog, though more features are in development.

Includes a complex front-end control involving collating multiple sources of data, statistical analysis using JavaScript and rendering charts using the Google Charts API. Employs multiple layers of caching and asyncronous calls to improve performance.

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Imprinter: A powerful CMS for small newspapers

A full-featured CMS, powering Imprint, the official student newspaper of the University of Waterloo. Features include fast, efficient content management, powerful tagging and categorization, automatic article ranking and filtering and RSS feed generation. Written from scratch in PHP as an exercise in understading how frameworks work.

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Graphr, the JavaScript graphing calculator


A fully-fuctional graphing calculator made using HTML5 and JavaScript. By using the <canvas> tag, I was able to plot functions without the use of Flash. It sports a intuitive user interface, with mouse panning and scrolling support. It also uses techniques like Newton's Method to find key facts about a function, such as roots, maxima/minima and intersections.

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Convertr: unit conversion done right

A web demo version of Convertr.

A unit converter is a simple app that performs calculations such as "how many feet are in a mile?" However, because they are so easy to implement, they are often done hastily and without much thought. The result is often a barebones app that is cluttered with menus and devoid of features.

Convertr changes that. It is fast, fully-featured, accurate and polished. It features a single input field that predicts the conversion that the user is looking for as soon as they start typing. As a result, users can get answers up to 90% faster, and they no longer have to navigate multiple menus just to get a simple conversion.

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